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How To Dress Like Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham is the most immaculately-dressed celebrity around. Her style is extremely stylish yet feminine. If you desire to incorporate her sense of style into your own wardrobe but lack her bank account savings, there are many ways to accomplish this. While you may not be able

Kendall Jenner Billboard Awards Makeup

TV personality and now-fashion model Kendall Jenner was the talk of the Billboard Awards recently. Not just for her sexy outfit, but also for her stunning hair and make-up. Kendall Jenner’s Billboard Awards make-up was obviously inspired by her sister Kim Kardashian, but she also managed to

Celebutantes And The Paparazzi

The cult of Celebrity is everything these days and in today’s social networking world. Celebrities need to stay at the cusp of fashion whenever and wherever they go out. So, do today’s Celebutantes’ know how to get the drop on the paparazzi? Many celebrities such as Lindsey

How To Get Ushers Abs

When it comes to the success, it’s easy to see that Usher has more than just mu-sical talent. His athletic prowess and carved out abdominal muscles add to his on stage presence, offering a perfect balance between audial and visual appeal. Usher is continuously voted one of

How To Be A Celebutante

If you would like to be a celebutante, then you will need to learn how to dress, act and walk like a celebrity. Celebrities always look great, because they have professionals who tend to their every need. They have professional hair stylists, makeup artists and other people

How To Get A Beyonce Body

Beyoncé is a Grammy legend, a diva, an inspiration and a queen in everything she touches. These are not exaggerations but actual facts, because she has inspired a lot of people to leave a healthy and fulfilling life, take up a profession they love and enjoy, and

How To Get Jlo Curves

Everyone is simply swooning over how well Jennifer Lopez looks at 45. She is really growing older gracefully and everyone wants to know her secrets. Her curvy body is turning heads and people are trying to do all that they can to get those J.Lo Curves. The

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