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Boston Red Sox Owner Unloading $25 Mil Florida Mansion, 19 Bathrooms!!

Posted December 14, 2018 under Sports

Boston Red Sox Owner

Unloading $25 Mil Florida Mansion

… 19 Bathrooms!!

12/14/2018 2:53 PM PST

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Wanna live like the owner of a prestigious MLB team?? Got $25 MILLION laying around?

Awesome … ’cause you can gobble up the insane mansion John Henry owned down in Boca Raton, Florida!!

The Sox owner — who’s also the honcho of Liverpool Football Club and the Boston Globe — is ready to move on from the pad and just put the 41,000-square-foot place on the market.

The estate is absolutely epic … seven bedrooms, 19 (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) bathrooms and unreal pool that overlooks a lake.

It’s also got a library, a theater, a recording studio … AND AN INDOOR-OUTDOOR ROOM DEDICATED ENTIRELY TO MAKING PIZZA!!!

Oh, there’s also a clay tennis court, sports bar room AND an underground wine cellar that promises to keep your booze at a perfect 53 degrees — even in a power outage!!

Unclear why John’s getting rid of the spot — dude’s owned it since 1999 — but we do know one thing for sure … being rich rules.


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