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Chris Hardwick Says J.J. Abrams Earned His Return to 'Star Wars'

Posted September 14, 2017 under Movies

Chris Hardwick

J.J. Knows ‘Star Wars’ …

He’s the Right Man for ‘Episode IX’

9/14/2017 9:07 AM PDT


Chris Hardwick doesn’t have a problem with J.J. Abrams being back at the helm for “Star Wars: Episode IX” … ’cause he’s proved he can do it, and deserves another shot.

We got Chris, certified comic and sci-fi nerd, Wednesday in Bev Hills, and asked what he thought of Disney tapping Abrams again to direct another ‘Star Wars’ flick … instead of going with someone new. In other words: is the Mouse house playing it safe?

Chris thinks J.J.’s got plenty of cred in that galaxy … far, far away — especially considering all the director woes Disney’s had lately. The man’s got a point.

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