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Ex-RNC Chair Michael Steele Calls BS on Saudi Arabia's Story Over Journalist

Posted October 21, 2018 under Politics

Ex-RNC Chair on Khashoggi

Yeah, Sure, a ‘Fist Fight’ Broke Out …

Calls BS on Saudi Arabia

10/21/2018 3:50 PM PDT


The former head of the RNC doesn’t believe a word of Saudi Arabia’s explanation of how journalist Jamal Khashoggi died, and he doesn’t buy Trump‘s denial of financial ties there.

We got Michael Steele Saturday at the L.A. Convention Center during Politicon 2018 and asked what he made of Saudi Arabia’s public prosecutor insisting that Khashoggi had gotten into a fist fight inside the country’s consulate in Turkey … which led to his death.

It’s clear he thinks the Saudi Arabian goverment’s full of it — as he describes just how unlikely it is for such a scenario to play out … especially in light of how brutal his murder has been described by Turkish officials. He’s said to have been dismembered.

As for Trump very publicly declaring he has “no financial interests in Saudi Arabia” … Mike’s got a theory on that too. Funny how one word can change the meaning of something so drastically … which the President is no stranger to at this point. #WordsMatter

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