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Explosive Device Planted in Mailbox of Liberal Philanthropist George Soros

Posted October 23, 2018 under Politics

George Soros

Explosive Device Planted in Mailbox

10/23/2018 6:52 AM PDT

Police were dispatched to billionaire Democratic philanthropist George Soros‘ home after an explosive device was found in his mailbox … and there’s suspicion the culprits may be part of right wing extremists.

The Bedford Police Department got a call from one of Soros’ employees … saying an explosive device was found Monday at his home in a suburb north of NYC. Cops say the employee opened the package and discovered the contraption. 

A flood of local and federal agents responded to the scene — including folks from ATF and the FBI — and bomb squads were reportedly able to disarm it by proactively detonating it.

Soros was not home at the time  … and the FBI is on the hunt.

The well-known Dem has incurred the ire of many extreme right-wing groups, and has also been target of anti-Semites. He donates lots of money to Democratic candidates and progressive causes … as well as more than $18 billion to his Open Society Foundations to promote democracy worldwide. 

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