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Floyd Mayweather Threatens 3 Boxers, I'll Beat You All in the Same Night! (VIDEO)

Posted May 18, 2017 under Sports

Floyd Mayweather

Threatens 3 Boxers

I’ll Beat You All in the Same Night!

5/18/2017 3:49 PM PDT

Floyd Mayweather went off on 3 boxing brothers in the U.K. on Thursday — saying he’ll beat ALL of their asses in the ring in the same night!

Triple-header, anyone?!

Floyd was at the news conference to promote his TMT fighter, Gervonta Davis — who’s facing off against Liam Walsh on Saturday. 

Walsh’s brothers, Ryan and Michael, were also at the event — and began heckling Floyd from the crowd. 

That’s when Floyd told the entire Walsh family to bring it … calling ‘em all a bunch of “cold bums.”

There was more smack talk — it was awesome.

Makes us even more excited for the Conor vs. Floyd trash talk when Mayweather signs that contract! 

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