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Harvey Weinstein Desperate to Clear His Name in Leaked Email to Media

Posted December 5, 2018 under Movies

Harvey Weinstein

Leaked Email to Media

Cops Screwing Me Over!!!

12/5/2018 1:01 PM PST


Harvey Weinstein apparently doesn’t need a publicist anymore … he’s handling it on his own and reaching out to the media in an effort to clear his name … TMZ has learned.

Sources tell us the disgraced studio mogul fired off several emails Tuesday to his friends in the media … and we’ve obtained one of them. The reason for the emails is pretty clear — Weinstein feels his side of the NYC sexual assault case isn’t getting enough attention. 

As you can see … Weinstein’s railing against cops and claims their misconduct has tainted the entire criminal case against him.

As we’ve reported, Weinstein’s lawyers have filed motions to have the case dismissed. Weinstein himself repeats that sentiment in the email, making clear reference to the former NYPD lead detective who’s been accused of witness tampering.

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