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Jim Brown Defends Kanye's White House Visit Says It Was 'Very Postitive'

Posted October 11, 2018 under Music

Jim Brown

Defends White House Visit With Kanye …

‘Trump Treated Us Beautifully’

10/11/2018 12:25 PM PDT

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Jim Brown has ZERO regrets about the Oval Office meeting today with Donald Trump and Kanye West … saying it was an incredible opportunity and he’s thankful to 45.

West has made headlines today about his behavior during the sit-down … which included a couple classic Kanye rants, a heap of Trump praising and even a hug between the two men.

Brown was there too — mostly silent — making some wonder if he regretted making the trip. But, when the NFL great left the White House he told throngs of media that couldn’t be further from the truth.

“We had the opportunity to meet with the President of the United States which everybody doesn’t have that privilege. With me, at 82 years old, the only thing I could talk about was how to help other people. So, it was very positive.”

Brown went on behalf of his Amer-I-Can foundation which helps inner-city youth develop life skills — and he told everyone Trump was very good to the whole delegation.

“This is the President of the United States. He allowed me to be invited to his territory, he treated us beautifully, and he shared some thoughts, and he will be open to talking when I get back to him. That’s the best he could do for me.”

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