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L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti Says Keep Trump's Star on Walk of Fame

Posted August 8, 2018 under Politics

L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti

Don’t Replace Trump’s Star …

But, I May Replace Trump!!!

8/8/2018 6:26 AM PDT


L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti had bigger things on his mind than removing Donald Trump‘s star from the Hollywood Walk of Fame … but 2 things became clear — he’s not a fan of the star and he’s running for President!

We got hizzoner Monday in the Silverlake area of L.A., and he tried deflecting our question about removing the star, talking instead about the need to blunt Trump’s agenda by turning the House of Reps Democrat.

Garcetti finally weighed in and said the star should stay — with an asterisk.

As for running for Prez in 2020, Garcetti says he’ll decide after the midterms, but our recon is solid — he’s making a run.

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