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Mark Wahlberg Bet Money On Cleveland Browns to Win 6 Games

Posted July 17, 2018 under Movies

Mark Wahlberg

I Bet Real Money On the Browns

… To Win 6 Games!

7/17/2018 6:04 AM PDT


Mark Wahlberg says he believes in Baker Mayfield — so he placed a REAL bet on the Cleveland Browns to win 6 games in 2018. 

Yeah, he’s being serious. 

Don’t worry, he also made some less risky wagers — betting on the Patriots and the Eagles to get back to the Super Bowl this season.  

Wahlberg also bet on Ronda Rousey — casting her in his new movie, “Mile 22” … and he’s super fired up about her role in the flick. 

Mark raves about Ronda’s performance and says she’s more than just an action star — she’s a legit actress who nailed her dramatic scenes like a boss!!!

The movie — which opens next month — will be Ronda’s most important Hollywood role yet. Of course, she starred in the “Entourage” movie … but played herself. 

Now, she’s got a real shot to follow stars like The Rock … and parlay action sports stardom into a real Hollywood career. 

… and Mark Wahlberg is clearly a fan. 

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