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Stoneman Douglas Shooter Nikolas Cruz Confession Tapes Released, He Says 'Kill Me'

Posted August 8, 2018 under Celebrity Justice

Nikolas Cruz Confession Tapes

Aims Fake Gun at Head

… ‘Kill Me’

8/8/2018 2:21 PM PDT

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Nikolas Cruz — who cops say confessed to murdering 17 people in a mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School this year — is finally being seen on camera moments after the massacre … and it’s disturbing.

You see 19-year-old Cruz being interviewed by an investigator this past February shortly after being apprehended by police, and is asked to spell his full name — which he reluctantly does with a whisper. He’s then asked if he wants water … to which he replies that he doesn’t deserve it.

The most harrowing part so far in the nearly 12 hours of footage that was just dumped is Cruz sitting by himself and staring into the overheard camera … pointing a fake gun formed with his hand at his own head and saying, “kill me.” He sobs on camera as well.

Cruz has been indicted on 34 counts — 17 of premeditated murder, and 17 of attempted murder. Florida prosecutors are seeking the death penalty in his case. 

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