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UFC's Max Holloway Says Kobe Bryant Inspires Him to Be a Killer

Posted December 10, 2017 under Sports

UFC’s Max Holloway

Kobe Inspires Me to Be a Killer

‘You Suck, I’m the Greatest’

12/10/2017 12:55 AM PST


UFC champ Max Holloway says Kobe Bryant has shown him the killer instinct it takes to be great … crediting Mamba Mentality for his ass-kicking inside the Octagon.

“When Kobe is in Mamba mode he’s an animal,” Max told TMZ Sports. “He doesn’t care about winning one time … he’ll play you 100 times just to make a point — you suck, I’m the greatest.”

It’s a mindset Max says helped him SMASH Jose Aldo in their rematch last weekend … and one he plans to continue using to become the next big thing — like a Kobe, LeBron, Tiger or Serena.

“These guys that I named — they outgrow their sports.”

Kobe’s actually a HUGE fan of one of Max’s biggest rivals — but we got a feeling the Mamba can get down with the “Blessed Era,” too.

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