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Victoria Beckham No Smiles on Her 43rd Birthday (360 VIDEO)

Posted April 18, 2017 under Music

Victoria Beckham

Me? Smile? On My 43rd Birthday?

Don’t Be Silly!

4/18/2017 10:10 AM PDT

Exclusive 360 Video

Victoria Beckham has never been big on smiling for anything, not even when a pack of strangers sing ‘Happy Birthday’ for her.

Posh Spice turned 43 on Monday and got a serenade from photogs when she arrived at LAX. It was a sweet gesture, and Vicky seemed like she was gonna be into it. You gotta see her primp for the big moment.

But once the singing started, well … let’s just say she doesn’t seem impressed.

We think she’d say her daughter, Harper, did it better.

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